Covid19Tracker™ Software

A complete management platform for screening, tracing, and everything in between.

Covid19Tracker is a mobile application and central management platform for verifying, monitoring, and tracking personnel temperatures, symptoms, and attendance across organizations. The modules and features offered by Covid19Tracker can be used to verify employees and visitors for businesses, healthcare organizations, education, and government.

Core Modules

  • Screening Certification
  • Case Management
  • Contact Tracing

Other Features

  • Guest Management
  • Vaccine Distribution Management
  • Immunization Verification
  • Check-in
  • Badge Integration

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Covid19Tracker Workflow

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Self-Screening Certification

  • Dynamic drag-and-drop survey editor
  • 3-state (Pass, Fail, and Stay-Home) workflow
  • Location-aware, time-zone aware, OrgChart-aware
  • Real-time notifications via email, push, and text reminders
  • Integration to badging system

Case Management

  • Manage data points such as; the person involved, issue type, updates, checklist, attachments, and dynamic forms with Form Builder to capture additional data.
  • Robust notifications based on various criteria and triggers
  • Comprehensive reporting and export functions
  • Scope based and role-based security
  • Multi-layer Org Chart
  • Built-in task management
  • Full case dashboard
  • Support multiple languages
  • All views and edits are tracked

Contact Tracing

  • Feature within case management
  • Perform contact identification
  • Contact listing
  • Contact follow-up
  • Notify, collect, manage, and pre-emptively mitigate the risk of an outbreak or becoming a hotspot by a super-spreader.

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