Instructions & Support Guides

Walkthrough guides and instructions for setting up your device with EntryTracs.

EntryTracs is ONLY compatible with SmartPass or Goodview Android Temperature Detection Tablets. SmartPass Devices are currently shipping with EntryTracs pre-loaded on every device. When you are ready to get started with EntryTracs added features, activate your license and follow the instructions to customize your facility’s settings.

EntryTracs Setup & Usage Guide


EntryTracs Printer Mounting Instructions


Download a Brochure


EntryTracs Software Downloads

Please fill out a support request form if you need to request a link to download EntryTracs APK.

EntryTracs is currently pre-loaded on SmartPass & Goodview Temperature Detection Tablets. When you purchase EntryTracs you will receive a key to activate the software on your tablet device. If you have not purchased a temperature detection tablet and/or EntryTracs license, please contact your vendor for a quote. Follow the support documentation listed above to install or activate EntryTracs software.

If you purchased a support contract, please contact your vendor. They can help you get up and running!

Not sure who to call? Click here to request support. Please let us know the vendor you purchased from.

Video Demonstrations